Market research that is quick but NOT dirty – a case study

Sometimes results are desperately needed - rather sooner than later ...

Working to a tight schedule? Under pressure to meet a deadline? Don’t panic – the seemingly impossible is possible when the client, design agency and market research institute work together. 

This case study presents the example of a quick check for negatives for print ads, during which we delivered the results just seven days after the initial briefing. This is far removed from our standard turnaround time but it is achievable when the heat is on. We stand out for our flexibility and responsiveness. 

Tuesday, 2:30pm

Agency presents new campaign designs to client. Client is unsure whether the new designs communicate the right key message and whether they are appealing to the relevant target group. What should they do? They decide that they need to conduct some market research. The deadline for the next stage of production is Thursday of next week. It’s going to be tight...


Wednesday, 9:55am


Client briefs OPINION, adding that the project is very urgent...

Wednesday, 10:53am

Feedback from OPINION: proposed study design, questionnaire content and target group definition

Wednesday, 11:21am

Agency to OPINION: “That sounds great. Could we have a quote?”

Wednesday, 6:41pm

OPINION sends quote to agency

Thursday, 9:54am

Quote is accepted, costs are approved and work can begin...

Thursday, 12:34pm

10-minute questionnaire developed and sent to the agency/client

Thursday, 3:33pm

Feedback received about the questionnaire – a few small amendments are needed but everything else is great...

Thursday, 4:54pm

New version of questionnaire sent to client...

Friday, 10:09am

Client makes a few additional small changes to questionnaire. Design team says they won’t finish working on it until the evening, by which point it will be too late :-(

Friday, 11:12am

Questionnaire is amended again and sent to agency... 11:21am: Questionnaire approved. Design team says they may be able to get it finished that afternoon after all... It’s all hands on deck and we get everything prepared!

Friday, 12:41pm

The designs have arrived. We’ve been working on the programming at the same time. Now everything can get underway...

Friday, 3:23pm

Programming is complete and it’s time to quickly set up our panel

Friday, 4:25pm

Ready for take-off: the soft launch can begin

Friday, 7:06pm

Soft launch was successful. We’ve checked the data and it’s time for the full launch. Now we’ve just got to hope that we can get all the interviews done and dusted by Monday

Monday, 12:01pm

All interviews are complete! It’s now time to evaluate the responses and process the open-ended questions

Tuesday, 5:45pm

We’ve drawn up the tables and have picked out some verbatims as examples. We’ve created some charts of the key findings and filled them in. Now all that’s left to do is comment on the results...

Wednesday, 11:26am

Everything is almost complete. We just need to do one final check...

Wednesday, 2:06pm 

Results, a summary and recommendations sent to the client... within the desired time frame...

Wednesday, 3:54pm

Response from client: Perfect. Thanks very much!


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