Effective communication with compelling messages driving purchases at the POS

Claim Testing with the OPINION Claim Selector

Background/ The clients‘ questions

Shelves are crowed, all brands and products send numerous messages. However, which of them reach the consumers? Which of them propel the products into the shopping cart?

Claims have only seconds to compel consumers and to make them pick the products out of the vast array of competitor offers. Thus, for manufacturers of consumer goods it is essential to understand which messages are able to drive purchases.

“What is the most important thing to say about our product to get consumers to buy it?” is the key question that our clients ask us when it comes to claims testing.


Method/ Our Approach

So we developed an effective methodological approach to identify the message that has the highest potential to prompt the action of purchase at the POS and to unveil the reasons for the claims’ performance.

We measure the ability of each message to drive purchase intention.

Using the MaxDiff methodology we provide a ranking across large sets of claims and create more granularities.

The reasons for success or failure of the claims are explored qualitatively: Open-ends and implicit methods uncover what consumers take out of the claims. Segmentation-analysis reveals different consumer clusters and might indicate the necessity of differentiated communication strategies.



The output of our claim studies delivers clear insights which messages work effectively, with whom they resonate and why.

Qualitative feedback gives clear directions how to fine-tune the product and brand messages further for a target-group specific communication.

In the end we identify the claim(s) with the highest persuasiveness to convince the target group(s) to buy the products.


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